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The Work and Family Policy Roundtable (W+FPR) is made up of 35 researchers from 17 universities and research institutions with expertise on work, care and family policy. Its goal is to propose, comment upon, collect and disseminate research to inform good evidence-based public policy in Australia.

The daily life of Australian families has fundamentally changed over the past few decades, with more women in the paid workforce and an aging population. Recent years have seen some important work, care and family policy reforms, including paid parental leave, childcare reform, and the right to request flexibility at work. However, more change is needed to ensure greater workforce participation whilst supporting social and family relations where work and care can easily be combined with positive benefits for all.

2016 Benchmarks cover Work, care and family issues have been key areas of electoral interest over the last five national elections and in 2016, these issues are still of major importance for all Australians. The W+FPR has proposed benchmarks in recent elections against which policies for improving paid work, care and family outcomes in Australia can be assessed.

MAY 2016: Work, Care and Family Policies: Election Benchmarks 2016

JUNE 2016: Election scorecard on Work, Care and Family Policies

The W+FPR held its first meeting in 2004. Since then the W+FPR has actively participated in public debate about work, care and family policy in Australia providing research-based submissions to relevant public inquiries, disseminating current research through publications for public commentary and through the media.